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Back-up Power
Product Range

ELR Electrical Engineering Support Services is a distributor and system integrator of technology advanced and revolutionary backup energy products that provide customers with alternative solutions for energy generation and storage.

Alternative Energy Solutions - backup power

ELR Electrical Engineering support services are system integrators that offer various backup power solutions, tailor made to the customer’s specific requirements. These systems include:

Inverter/charger systems

In essence electrical power is stored in highly efficient batteries. These batteries are continuously monitored and charged by an intelligent battery management charger (with build in battery protection functions), properly maintaining the charge state of the batteries. When the normal power supply is interrupted the unit automatically switches to inverter mode (converting DC power from the batteries into AC power).  Most common electrical appliances may be connected to this unit e.g. computers, television sets, refrigerators, lights, etc.

Standby generators with manual, automatic starting and switch over functions

Manual start: when the normal supply from the utility fails, you could start the generator manually at the generator (using a key switch or pushbuttons) and as soon as the generating set is up to speed the load switch is closed (manually) to supply the load. While the engine is running the manual start module (MDM) monitors fault conditions and automatically shuts the engine down when an alarm condition occurs (e.g. oil pressure and engine temperature)

Automatic start: the microprocessor based unit (MDA Plus) automatically start and stop the generating set on receiving a remote signal (or a local start/stop from the front of the panel). The unit also monitors internal protections and external fault inputs. Some of the features includes: engine control, generator set protection, event logging, etc.)

Auto mains failure and transfer switch: consist of a control and protection unit that monitors the 3-phase mains voltage. When the mains supply fails the control unit (MNS Plus) sends a remote starting signal to the generating set and control the changeover function of the mains and generator contactors. The measured values are displayed on the front panel of the unit.

Synchronizing (paralleling) of standby generators with load sharing

Manual synchronizing: we supply units that provide the necessary information (visual indication of phase, frequency and voltage difference) for paralleling the generator to a busbar (or mains supply). In addition an integrated safety relay (sync check relay) is normally provided to authorize the paralleling action.

Automatic synchronizing: we have a variety of modules available that automatically synchronize (parallel) a generating set with other generators or with the mains supply. In addition these units (depending on the model selected) also do active (kW) and reactive (kVAr) load sharing and control.


Inverter/charger systems

Standby generators